Zahanati Ventures offers training courses in tropical medicine and global health related topics. The courses aim at improving knowledge, attitudes and practices among foreign students and doctors practicing in developing countries within the tropics. The courses are also relevant to local students and doctors who have not had much experience in managing infectious tropical diseases including the neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). The courses are open to all students and professionals with a relevant background in healthcare.

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    1) Tropical Medicine Summer School
    Aims and Description of the School:
    The Global Health Summer School includes elaborate seminars from experts and clinicians from leading research, training and healthcare institutions in Kenya. It is a one-week interactive course on Tropical Medicine: Parasitology, Bacteriology and Virology. The lectures introduce the subject and then use real-life case studies to learn on the signs and symptoms, pathology, diagnostic tests, and treatment of these diseases. The School will also offer an opportunity for students to visit Microbiological and Molecular laboratories in Kilifi and build on their practical skills. There will be a field trip to villages within Kilifi to visit patients in their home environments to understand Social Determinants of Health.
    Who should apply to this School?
     Students from medical (MD), nursing (BSN), dental (BDS) and other related health sciences.
     Healthcare workers who wish to work in Africa in clinical, research or humanitarian programs or those who simply want to refresh their skills in tropical diseases. There is no age limit.
    Venue: Pwani University, School of Health and Human Sciences
    The University has more than five schools and is strategically located within Kilifi Town along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway. The Coastal Region of Kenya is a regional tourist hub. The School of Health and Human Sciences, Pwani University consists of four departments housed at the Health Sciences Complex within the University: Department of Nursing,

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    Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, Department of Public Health & Department of Anatomy & Physiology. The school runs the following programs:

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing,  Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, Masters in Public Health and a PhD (in Health and Human Sciences).

    The school has a close working relationship with KEMRI-Wellcome Trust and Kilifi County Hospital.
    Local Safari: The students will book and pay for a full-day tour within the Kenyan Coast at discounted group rates. Kilifi is a town on the coast of Kenya, north of Mombasa. It’s near Kilifi Creek, along an estuary of the Goshi River. The town is known for Indian Ocean beaches, including Bofa Beach, dotted with resorts. Nearby, green turtles swim among coral reefs in Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. The Mnarani Ruins, archaeological remains of a centuries-old Swahili settlement, include 2 mosques and several tombs.
    For all enquiries, please contact Daniel Mutonga
    ( & Hellen Barsosio

    Sub-Saharan Africa’s healthcare faces many challenges; a quarter of the global disease burden, a large number of
    infectious diseases like HIV and malaria, a rising burden on non-communicable diseases and scarce health resources
    including healthcare workers.

    The Tropical Medicine Course is a one-week interactive course on Parasitology, Bacteriology and Virology for students and healthcare workers who wish to work in Africa in clinical, research or humanitarian programs or those who simply want to refresh their skills in tropical diseases. The course introduces the subject and then uses real-life case studies to learn on the signs and symptoms, pathology, diagnostic tests, and treatment of these diseases.
    There will be practical laboratory sessions. At the end of the course, based on their qualifications and training back home, the student is expected to gain confidence in handling patients in a tropical setting.

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    Africa for a long time has been referred to as the dark continent, a region riddled with poverty and disease. In the same breath, Africa has been discovered for its beauty, it’s wealth in history and culture and more recently for its leadership in the innovation revolution. Zahanati Ventures provides an opportunity for medical students to spend an elective period where they will have firsthand experience of the structure of health in Kenya. We aim to give them an experience that will complement their public health modules taught in class. Kenya provides a wonderful training ground for this learning adventure.

    This module covers a period of 3 weeks
    Modules to be covered:-
    1. Health Systems Didactic session – 2 days
    This session serves to lay the foundation of healthcare in Kenya using a wholistic approach. We hope to provide students with a global understanding of the Kenyan healthcare status. First we will find out what the student knows, then we will tell them what they need to know and finally have them teach us on what they’ve discovered. Various topics will be covered some of the key ones being:-
     The organization of Healthcare in Kenya
     Culture and its role in Health
     Challenges and opportunities for healthcare in Africa (Global Perspective)

    2. Two weeks exposure
    This two week period will form the core of the curriculum. It provides the student an opportunity to have the one on one interaction with various healthcare organizations in the country. The student is expected to compile a report at the end of this period. This opportunity may be used to gather information required for class assignments and may form part of a research project once the necessary regulations are followed.

    3. Closure
    The students will be given 2 days to compile their work and on the last Friday of the 3 week session the global health experience will be drawn to a close. We expect students to compile a report on their experience. There will be an award for the most informative report. We encourage students to use this experience as a stepping stone as the scale greater heights in the public health sector.

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    National Training Programs
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     Kilifi County, Kenya
     Embu County, Kenya
     Nairobi County,Kenya
     Mwanza, Tanzania –
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     New Site 2
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    Online Course

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    Duration: 12 weeks. Course format: Videos, Notes,
    Discussions and Assignments. Further details to be affirmed.
    6) Wilderness Training/Bush Medicine